What is Confident Kids Camp?

Children with Selective Mutism can “get better” faster with CKC!

Rockville Therapy Center LLC has introduced Confident Kids Camp to the DC Metro area in 2019. Developed by Dr. Aimee Kortba, this intensive, multi-day camp is specifically designed to support children with Selective Mutism and/or severe Social Anxiety by helping them apply their speech skills beyond the clinic setting and into real-world settings such as schools and communities.

The camp offers age-divided classrooms for children ages 4-8, providing opportunities for peer-to-peer speaking practice. Returning campers aged 9+ may also be accepted as campers or Junior Counselors.

Our summer and winter camps have specific goals in mind! The Summer Camp (5-day) facilitates skill transition before the new school year, while the winter Mini Camp (2-day) enhances bravery mid-year, with immediate application in school and extracurricular activities such as playdates, sports, scouts, and clubs.

While research has shown the benefits of traditional therapy for Selective Mutism, which typically involves weekly sessions in a clinical setting, families and providers have recognized a crucial missing element: the need to generalize these gains to school and community environments in a more intensive manner.


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July 29 - August 2, 2024

"This camp has been a very important step in our child’s SM journey. We saw immediate improvements. Dr. Scharfstein and her team are incredible"

The Camp Package

Faster Improvement

Better generalization of skills to real-world school and community settings compared to traditional therapy.

Cost Effective

More than half the cost at $3,100, compared to traditional therapy, which can run $7,000+.

Class & Play Activities

Engaging activities jump-start bravery for the new school year and extracurricular activities!

Special Guests

Community-based activities with special guests include a mobile petting zoo, a balloon artist, and therapy dogs.

Daily Counselor Feedback

Parents and counselors meet daily to review the child’s day, highlights, and areas of growth.

One-on-One & Group Therapy

Child-focused behavioral therapy in simulated classrooms, group games, cafeteria, prize store, and playgrounds.

Parent Skills Training

Daily 90-minute in-person sessions with Dr. Scharfstein at camp for SM treatment skills training, with live coaching on Thursday.

Junior Counselors

Jr. Counselors are peer speech partners and leaders who have nearly overcome SM or have no SM history.

Post-Camp Features

Transition progress to real-world settings with a written report, school and teacher training, and parent session.

2024 Camp Dates to Know

Mark your calendar and don’t miss out!

Registration Opens

January 10

2024 Camp Dates

July 29 - August 2

Lead-In Sessions

June 24 - July 19

Who benefits from CKC?

90% of campers improved in all settings!

Children ages 4-8 with Selective Mutism (SM) and severe Social Anxiety can build their brave voices right before the new school year.

Children with prior SM camp or therapy experience can gain advanced skills in self-advocacy, speech and play initiation, and large groups.

Children new to camp or therapy for SM can start to build their brave voices.

Parents engage in daily Parent Skills Training to learn crucial PCIT-SM strategies to decrease anxiety, increase speech, and prepare for the year.

Camp graduates with nearly mastered brave talking skills can be Jr. Counselors who serve as role models, peer practice partners, and can build leadership skills.

Camp Schedule

What is a Typical Camp Day?

Arrival and Warm-Up

Circle Time/Morning Meeting

Snack, Introduce New Skill

Group Games or Art Activity


Special Community Guest

End of Day and Prize Store

Each activity is an opportunity to practice “brave talking,” decrease anxiety, and increase verbal communication and engagement with numerous peers and adults.

Parent Skills Training sessions are held daily at camp for 90-minutes with Dr. Scharfstein from 12:30-2pm. Although not a requirement, it is a real benefit for campers’ parents. Live parent coaching on Thursday.

Parent/Counselor Feedback: counselors give parents daily feedback about their child’s strengths and areas for growth from 2-2:15pm.

Confident Kids Camp Costs

CKC is half the cost of typical clinical treatments.

The 5-day intensive treatment camp allows 30+ hours of scientifically sound and effective treatment to be provided in 5 days versus the typical treatment of 45-minutes per week over 25+ weeks. The camp cost of $3,100* which is more than half the cost of typical treatment ($7,000+) includes:

  • 25 child-focused therapy hours (5 hours/day)
  • 7+ parent/caregivers-focused skills training hours (1.5 hours daily), live coaching Thursday
  • Special guests, field trip activities, and other camp activities
  • 3 hours total of uniquely crafted post-camp features: 1 detailed post-camp written report with custom recommendations, 1 School Team Training Session and 1 Caregiver Booster Session.

For cost-effectiveness, the intensive treatment model of CKC-DC Metro allows for 25 hours of intervention in 5 days, instead of 25+ weeks needed in typical psychotherapy. This is an excellent investment as a supplement to one-on-one therapy. But most important, intensive summer therapy camps have been shown to provide quick, effective treatment that generalizes well to the school setting.

*Note: Dr. Scharfstein’s returning clients and campers receive a $300 discount. Returning campers eligible for a Junior Counselor role receive a discount.
*Note: The Intake Evaluation and Lead-ins are not covered in the cost of camp and will be billed at our standard rates.

Insurance Coverage

Rockville Therapy Center LLC [Confident Kids Camp] is an out-of-network provider and does not accept any insurance plans. Thus, a registration fee is required at the time of registration and the full cost of camp is due prior to the start of camp.

Some insurance plans may reimburse a portion of the costs of camp, approximately 30-40%, according to families who attended similar camps. Services provided are specific to each attendee, so actual services eligible for reimbursement can vary. Reimbursement amounts are not guaranteed and vary among all insurance plans.

Prior to registering in camp, families are encouraged to check with their insurance company to determine if they have out-of-network coverage for mental health services. It is important to understand your insurance coverage and what you may need to do to get the best reimbursement possible. You may need pre-authorization for this treatment, so be sure to contact your insurance company to find out more information about the pre-authorization process.

Rockville Therapy Center LLC will provide a Superbill for all services that can be used to file claims with your insurance plan. Within 2 weeks following the completion of camp, you will receive a Camp Superbill with all necessary codes that can be used to file claims with your insurance company. For all pre-camp services (Intake Evaluation, Lead-ins, etc.), you will automatically receive a Superbill on the 1st of every month through our Client Portal system.

Diagnostic Codes

The diagnostic code on the Superbill will be F94.0 Selective Mutism and/or F40.10 Social Anxiety Disorder.

Procedure CPT Codes for Insurance

Pre-Camp Therapeutic Services

90791 (95)– Intake Evaluation (telehealth): A 55-minute virtual intake evaluation with a Camp Leader and the child’s parents. We will obtain background and necessary information to confirm a diagnosis, provide education and clarification, and create an individualized camp treatment plan.

90837 – Individual Psychotherapy Sessions for Camp Lead-Ins (Individual Meetings with Camp Leader and counselor): 60 min exposure sessions to desensitize the child to a Camp Leaders and the child’s first counselor. These are necessary steps to attend the camp; once met, the child is considered ready to participate in CKC-DC. It is unknown how many meetings will be necessary to meet this entry criteria for the camp, although most children are able to meet it within 4-6 hours (2 or 3, 2-hour sessions).

90785 – Interactive Complexity. This is an add-on code typically used for therapy services involving children.

Camp-Week Therapeutic Services

Each day of camp, the child patient will receive the following diagnostic codes:

  • One 90837: 60 Minute Psychotherapy session
  • One 90785: Add-on code for Interactive Complexity
  • Three 90853: Group Therapy sessions

These codes are typically billable to most insurance plans.

"Confident Kids Camp was fantastic! We learned tangible and effective ways to better help our daughter. She was challenged to use her brave voice in ways that increased her confidence and were exciting."

Confident Kids Camp Results

What happens during and after camp matters!

Parents completed a satisfaction survey about their experience during Confident Kids Camp (CKC) DC Metro. Results are as follows:

  • 92% had ‘very significant’ or ‘significant’ child improvement during camp.
  • 100% were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the parent/caregiver training.
  • 100% were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the counselor services.
  • 100% were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the reward systems.
  • 100% would recommend Confident Kids Camp DC to others.
  • 100% were ‘always’ or ‘often’ treated with dignity and respect.
  • 100% were ‘always’ or ‘often’ treated in an equitable, inclusive, and culturally sensitive manner.

Parents completed a questionnaire about the frequency of speech in various settings directly before camp and 4 months after camp graduation. Parent reports on this questionnaire indicated:

  • 90% of campers improved at school
  • 50% of campers improved at home/with family
  • 70% of campers improved in the community
  • 90% of campers improved in all settings


What Parents Are Saying

Hear directly from our amazing camp families!

Our son made so much progress at Confident Kids Camp – DC Metro. Dr. Scharfstein is an expert in the field of treating Selective Mutism and anxiety. Her camp is structured to create a fun environment with numerous opportunities to practice brave talking. Dr. Scharfstein’s team is comprised of her colleagues who bring their own expertise as well as wonderful volunteer counselors. The camp counselors are warm, enthusiastic, and expertly trained in CDI and VDI skills for the treatment of SM. While Confident Kids Camp is structured to facilitate progress for all kids with SM, when needed Dr. Scharfstein and her team will tailor treatment to the individual needs of each child. Parents have an opportunity to meet other families and professionals in the SM community.
Confident Kids Camp was fantastic! We learned tangible and effective ways to better help our daughter. She was challenged to use her brave voice in ways that increased her confidence and were exciting. All interactions were respectful, organized, and polite. And it was fun! Before camp we had received very little specialized support in SM. Now we know how to arrange for accommodations at the school, successfully navigate play dates, discuss ‘brave talking’ with our daughter, and inform our friends and family of how they can help our daughter feel more comfortable talking to them.
My child’s progress has been great and I can say she is 90% verbal in any situation now.
This camp has been a very important step in our child’s SM journey. We saw immediate improvements. Dr. Scharfstein and her team are incredible.
The amount of pride and confidence we saw in our son during camp was unbelievable. I was brought to tears many times when I heard of his successes each day.
Camp truly was magical. The counselors were amazing: their friendliness, their energy, their skills, and their ability to connect with our child. The goals for our child were perfect in terms of encouraging brave voice and challenging our child in a very positive and confidence building way. And it was fun!

Confident Kids Camp FAQs

If you have additional questions, we're here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions