Costs for Confident Kids Camp DC

Costs for Confident Kids Camp DC

Confident Kids Camp is a 5-day, intensive therapy program designed to help prepare children with Selective Mutism for the next school year.

Cost is $2,950** for 30 hours of intensive therapy and 10+ hours of additional services. The cost includes:

  • 30 hours of child-focused therapy with an individual counselor providing customized treatment (See About CKC DC Metro for more information on what is included.)
  • 6+ hours of parent training/support sessions.
  • 2+ hours of live parent coaching and feedback.
  • Field trips and activities associated with camp.
  • 2 hours of unique post-camp features to further generalize speech to the child’s school setting:
    • A 60 – minute School Training regarding best practices in selective mutism and tailored school-based intervention strategies for each child, to be held between Camp and within 4 months after Camp participation.
    • A 60 – minute Conference with either the child’s a) school team, b) parents, or c) other providers, to be held between Intake and Camp, or within 4 months after Camp participation.
    • A detailed Written Report documenting the child’s participation in Confident Kids Camp, current diagnoses, and home, school, and community based recommendations.

*note: 60 minute intake evaluation and fade-in sessions are not included in cost of camp

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the intensive treatment model of CKC-DC Metro allows for 30 hours of intervention in 5 days, instead of 30 hours of treatment in 30+ weeks of typical psychotherapy. Additionally, 30 weeks of typical therapy would cost approximately $7,500, plus 6+ hours of parent training at $1,500, in comparison to $2,950 for CKC-DC Metro. As a supplement to one-on-one therapy this is an excellent investment. But most important, intensive summer therapy camps have been shown to provide quick, effective treatment that generalizes well to the school setting.

For creative ideas on funding camp, click here.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance plans may reimburse a portion of the costs of camp (approximately 30-40%, according to families who attended similar camps). Services provided are specific to each attendee, so actual services eligible for reimbursement can vary. Reimbursement amounts for all insurance plans vary and are not guaranteed.

CKC-DC [Rockville Therapy Center LLC] is considered out-of-network with all other insurance plans, and thus a deposit payment is required at the time of registration and the full cost of camp is due prior to the start of camp. Parents are encouraged to check with their insurance company to determine if they have out-of-network coverage for mental health services. Following the completion of camp or any services required prior to camp, Rockville Therapy Center LLC will provide a receipt for all services that can be used to file claims with your insurance plan.

Diagnostic Code

The diagnostic code on the billing receipt will be F94.0 (Selective Mutism) and/or F40.10 (Social Phobia). You may need pre-authorization for this treatment, so be sure to contact your insurance company to find out more information about the pre-authorization process.

*Former or current patients of Dr. Scharfstein, Confident Kids Camp-DC Metro, or Rockville Therapy Center LLC, receive a 10% discount off the cost of the Confident Kids Camp- DC Metro.

Procedure [CPT] Codes Used (for insurance reimbursement)

90791 – Initial Diagnostic Evaluation: A 60-minute intake interview with Camp Director or Camp Leader and the child’s parents. We will obtain background and necessary information to confirm a diagnosis, provide education and clarification, and create an individualized camp treatment plan.

90837 – Individual Psychotherapy Sessions for Camp Lead-Ins (Individual Meetings with Camp Director or Camp Leader and counselor): 60 min exposure sessions to desensitize the child to the camp director or camp leaders and the child’s chosen counselor. These are necessary steps to attend the camp; once met, the child is considered ready to participate in CKC-DC. It is unknown how many meetings will be necessary to meet this entry criteria for the camp, although most children are able to meet it within 3-4 sessions.

90785 – Interactive Complexity. This is an add-on code typically used for therapy services involving children.

Each day of camp, the child patient will receive:

  • One 90837: 60 Minute Psychotherapy session
  • One 90785: Add On for Interactive Complexity

These codes are typically billable to most insurance plans.