A Practical, Personal, and Collaborative Approach


Rockville Therapy Center LLC is dedicated to a strengths-based approach to help you reduce suffering and improve social, emotional, and behavioral health. My aim is to offer effective therapy that is grounded in scientific research, and is delivered in a practical, personalized and collaborative way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the main approach used at my practice, is a short-term, evidence-based therapy approach designed to improve mental health and well being. Exposure- based CBT helps you to gradually and directly face your fears and other strong emotions. We create a fear hierarchy or ‘ladder’ together from easier to more difficult exposures. Individuals of all ages benefit from learning tools to manage distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. CBT sessions are structured to ensure that each and every session is productive.

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CBT for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Children and Teens

Let's use fun to override the fear! Children and teens can learn coping skills to manage stress in a healthy way, build resilience, and increase bravery.

Adult Services

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to treat adults coping with anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, ADHD, and habits such as hair pulling and skin picking.

Parent Coaching

Calm is contagious! Learn strategies to reduce your child's anxiety and increase positive behaviors. Small changes can lead to drastic improvements.

School Services

Help your student to feel successful at school. Together, we can identify barriers, inform plans (504 and IEP), and improve communication between you and your child's teachers.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a unique way for people of all ages to learn and practice skills with others who really "get it." It can be a great supplement to individual therapy.


To increase education and mental health awareness, I offer a variety of trainings and speaking engagements to schools, clinics, and groups.

About Lindsay Scharfstein, PhD

Welcome to Rockville Therapy Center!

I founded the Rockville Therapy Center to provide my patients with a practical, personalized, and collaborative approach to therapy, and am dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve their specific mental health goals. I offer skilled diagnosis, psychological treatment, and consultation for Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, and Tics/Tourette Syndrome. For more information about me and my background, please visit my About page.